Posted by: corneliadavies | May 3, 2012

Update on ‘Oetzi’ the acupuncture iceman

Here’s an update on ‘Oetzi’ the 5,300 year-old man found in an Austrian glacier. Oetzi has acupuncture points tattooed on him. These points are in the same positions as ones that could be used in modern times to treat the sort of degenerative bone issues that showed up on scans of Oetzi’s mummified body. This is interesting as it shows that there was knowledge of acupuncture points as early as 3,000 BC.  Ancient stone acupuncture needles have been found in Mongolia, dating from 7,000 years ago, but this is the oldest body showing such marks.

Scientists are still examining his body and have recently discovered that he didn’t die immediately from an arrow wound that was previously thought to have killed him and they’ve managed to identify traces of blood around the wound.



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    • I so agree Isaias. (Sorry, I didn’t see your comment before!)

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