Posted by: corneliadavies | September 25, 2014

Acupuncture Insights

Acupuncture Insights…

In acupuncture, tongue and pulse diagnosis give such an accurate view into the body-mind-spirit that sometimes when I ask people questions based on what I’ve identified they think I’m psychic, and that I can see the workings of their very minds. Luckily I’m not, and I can’t read their minds! However, the findings from tongue and pulse help enormously when planning effective treatment strategies.

Acupuncture Kingsbridge Cornelia Davies 2014

This is really true. Frequently, after I’ve taken someone’s pulses I’ll consider what I’ve felt, and I’ll ask something like, “Do you get indigestion or heartburn?” and they’ll answer with a slightly surprised affirmative. Or I may ask an affable, friendly person, “Oh… what’s your temper like?” and they’ll sheepishly admit that things can get a bit fiery for their loved ones. They’ll ask me how I know and I’ll say, “I felt a certain quality on a particular pulse that relates to anger and frustration, and I wondered whether it meant you can have a slightly short fuse…“ Usually this produces a bit of embarrassed laughter. We then set to with specific acupuncture points that, over a period of time, can help wind down frustration.

Then there are the people who hide their tiredness very well, and don’t mention this when they list their symptoms. I may look at someone’s tongue and be shocked at how lacking in energy it is compared to how they present themselves to the world. “Hold on, I’ll say, just how tired ARE you?” “Exhausted,” they’ll reply, but they’re so used to covering it and carrying on that they can look deceptively alert.

One of the things I like most about these insights into the inner workings of individuals is that they flag up problems that people become so used to that they forget to ask for help in solving them. In fact, usually, people don’t think there are possible solutions to these things that are so deeply entrenched. I wouldn’t claim that we can “cure” everything with acupuncture, but it’s amazing how many “side” issues begin to resolve while we’re working on the main problem someone came to acupuncture with.

Just to reiterate, I’m NOT psychic: acupuncture diagnosis is a beautifully worked-out and logical system.



  1. Fascinating! I’ve been on the receiving end of these gentle questions. Always spot on …

    • Ah yes, doctors of Chinese medicine have been refining the art of asking apposite questions for hundreds of years. We modern day practitioners are so lucky to have this legacy to base our knowledge on.

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