Posted by: corneliadavies | February 17, 2015

Salt of the earth              salt of the earth

Salt: eating a certain amount is essential to our bodies’ fluid balance. Too much is harmful. How much to add to your cooking or food depends, largely, on whether you eat mostly home-prepared food or shop bought ready-made food.

How much salt to we need? According to most conventional dietary advice once we’re over 11 years old we need approximately 6 grams of salt daily. That’s about 1.2 teaspoons.

Considering all the advice we’ve had over the years that sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

If you eat a ready meal from a supermarket it’ll have a fair amount of salt in it to preserve it, and probably to make it seem more flavoursome than a competitor’s ready meal. You could have a look at the pack and see how much salt it has in it.

If you eat homemade food it will most likely have some salt in it, but a lot less than the ready meal.

As long as your taste buds haven’t become “addicted” to salt you should know whether or not to add salt to a meal. However, if you’re a junk food or salt “addict” you probably need to cut down. All those things like crisps, instant soups, baked beans, ready-made pizzas, salted peanuts etc have added salt in them. Generally it won’t be good, wholesome sea salt or rock salt either. It’ll be the cheaper table salt, produced in a factory, and less recognisable for your body’s absorption process.

So, some final points, don’t add the whole teaspoon and a bit… you certainly won’t need to. Don’t add any if you eat more than a tiny amount of ready-made food. But don’t deprive yourself of salt, either. And DO use natural sea salt or rock salt, both of which are more nutritious.

Be discerning and check several internet sources for advice on salt, and do check the ingredients listed on ready meals and snacks.


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