Posted by: corneliadavies | October 11, 2015

Jenny’s Here to Stay! Acupuncture Kingsbridge Practice News

Jenny photoMany of you will have met or been treated by my acupuncturist colleague, Jenny Sercombe, who provides locum cover for me from time to time.

We’ve now come to the happy conclusion that she should work here for more hours, with her own patients. This means that if you or someone you know books a first acupuncture appointment you’ll have a choice of who you see.

During her years practising in Manchester Jenny treated people with the extraordinarily wide range of problems that most acupuncturists are presented with. Additionally, because of the particular clinic she worked in she saw more women undergoing IVF fertility treatment than some of us do. I’m extremely glad to welcome Jenny more fully into the clinic with this particular area of expertise. Most acupuncturists see some women with fertility issues (and many with gynae problems) but it’s great to have someone with Jenny’s special interest on board.

Jenny and I have wide and varied acupuncture experience. Jenny is probably 20 years younger than me, which I think is a great plus. While I hope I have some of the wisdom that comes with age, Jenny has a wisdom that comes with a more youthful approach to life! I think both are really relevant qualities in a practitioner. We’ve trained in similar but slightly different ways, and at different times. Working closely together gives us opportunities to pool our acupuncture knowledge, which is of benefit to everyone who comes to the clinic.

All acupuncturists bring other skills and life experience to our professional practises. One particular area of expertise that I always welcome here in the clinic is Jenny’s work as an aromatherapy masseuse. I speak from personal experience when I say that she is excellent at that part of her work! So if you want a delicious and therapeutic massage you can call to arrange that, too.

Apart from her time spent training in London and working in Manchester, Jenny is very much a local girl, from a local family. Not only did she attend KCC, but her primary schooling was here in Loddiswell.

As always, anyone is welcome to book a free, no commitment chat with either of us, to find out whether acupuncture is for you.

Here’s to this new, exciting chapter for the clinic!

And by the way, NO, I am NOT planning to retire! I’ll still be here, too.

Cornelia Davies October 2015

For appointments please ring 01548 550251


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