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DSC02640_edited and borderDSC02607_edited_webHappy Chinese New Year 2016!

Spirulina – blue-green algae

Spirulina is a dried blue-green algae. It’s a super food.

Rich in nutrients

It contains an astonishing number of nutrients, including significant amounts of protein.

Here are some of the vitamins it contains: vitamin B complex, vitamin A, beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamin E.

And minerals: zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and phosphorus.

It also contains amino acids, including 8 essential ones, and 2,000 enzymes.

Spirulina doesn’t necessarily contain iodine, but it is an algae, so you should avoid it if you have an iodine or seafood allergy.

Spirulina is a particularly significant food for vegetarians because of the protein and iron it contains, both of which can be deficient in people who don’t eat meat. It’s great, nutritious food for omnivores, too.

You should also take advice about ingesting spirulina if you’re pregnant.

How to use spirulina

Spirulina is great in stews or soups, or stirred into porridge (be prepared to watch your porridge turn a strong green, though!) It’s also great stirred into yoghurt. If you’re a smoothie person it makes any smoothie into a green one. Some people even have it with pasta and pesto.

Sprinkle it onto food and stir in well.

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