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Scar Removal, Part II: Two Reasons To Remove Your Scar And Two Good Reasons To Keep It

I’m “borrowing” an American colleague’s blog today because I think she has written very well about scar removal and improvement and why you might want or not want to go that route. I quite often “find” scars on patients because they flag an area of pain or impeded movement and when I examine it I find an old scar. People often don’t realise that a scar might have a lot of hard, dead scar tissue below or around it that pulls on or deadens nearby tissue. In many cases acupuncture can help to soften the area to a degree, even with a scar that may be decades old. It’s worth a try, and your acupuncturist will often do this as a “side issue” while they’re treating you for something else.



Scars are a natural expression of the healing process.  Injuries that produce them develop in three steps at wound site: inflammation, then proliferation, and then remodeling.  Sometimes this works out nicely and other times, depending on circumstances, the scar can be debilitating or genuinely unsightly.  What, then, to do about your scar tissue?

I wrote about blog post about what traditional Chinese medicine can do for your scars.  Primarily, the approach we take it to either treat with acupuncture or by lightly scraping the area with a jade instrument in a technique known as gua sha.  (To read that post, go here).  What I didn’t cover were reasons to remove the scar and reasons to keep them.


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What to do about scar tissue is somewhat of a personal issue.  If the injury is severe enough, you may have to wait…

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