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Here’s a link …

Here’s a link to an interesting research pilot study on acupuncture and depression from the University of York. Results so far show that GP referral patients are as likely to choose acupuncture as seeing their GP in cases of depression, and are more likely to choose acupuncture than counselling. A full research study is likely to follow now that these results are out.

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Tai Chi is good for the heart and circulation

Here’s a short article about a piece of research that’s shown tai chi is a good exercise to keep the heart healthy in elderly people:

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Acupuncture’s positive effect on mystery illnesses

Here’s a link to an article about good research results in a study on the use of acupuncture in the treatment of people with mystery illnesses.


Apart from the benefits to the patients in the study, the author points out the benefit to the healthcare budget, as people with mysterious illness generally cost the healthcare system more than people with more easily diagnosed illnesses.

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My New Book Is Out!


This past few weeks, I’ve been so busy with the details of my book publication that I had failed to mention in my blog that it was even on the way!

The book is called Acupuncture: The Limericks, and it’s what it says and more. If you’ve ever wanted to find out about acupuncture, the easy way, this is it. You can read about what patients feel about treatment, diagnoses, acupuncture used for specific illnesses, cosmetic treatment, yin and yang and so much more… and each tiny chapter is summed up in a couple of limericks.

More about this soon, but meanwhile here’s one about a sports’ enthusiast:

Young Elizabeth’s damaged her wrist,

Squished at squash… hit too hard… wished she’d missed!

Then she let out a yelp,

Called Doc Pins for some help…

And the gist? “Help this twist to desist!”

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Hello world!

Hello. Welcome to my acupuncture blog.

I am an acupuncturist working in Loddiswell and Kingsbridge, South Devon, UK. I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council. I trained in the UK in the early 1980s and have upgraded my skills frequently, including during an extended training in China.

I am widely known as Nini.

Here’s a link to my website:

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